Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Quick Bite: Atypical Waffle Co.

Dining area of Atypical Waffle Company
"Why yes, as a matter of fact those are vintage stadium seats.
Thanks for noticing. Have we mentioned we're atypical?"
Atypical Waffle Co. is an odd place. Partly hidden behind a laundromat, it's easy to miss unless you know where to look. But then, as you walk through the large opened gate (there's no real door), you feel like you've stepped into something that's part patio, part commune. The employees are friendly and laid-back almost to a fault. There's funky graffiti art everywhere—from the replica Banksy on the wall to the Obey Giant posters sprawled across the movable oversized coffee table—underscoring the countercultural vibe. Towards the back, there's a large tent in the shape of a classic Volkswagen bus.

Sooo, yeah. An odd place.

So much so that the waffles seem a bit tame by comparison, though they still have their quirks. They are in fact a special type of Belgian waffle, the Liège waffle, which uses chunks of pearl sugar in the dough to create a dense, lightly sweet bite.

The Number Seven waffle at Atypical Waffle Company I've been twice, and both times I got The Number Seven—with candied bacon, goat cheese and avocado it just seems the obvious choice on the savory side. Unfortunately, this time were out of their lilikoi (aka passionfruit) lemonade, which was refreshing and deliciously tropical when I had it previously.

The Number Seven is very respectable (and appropriately atypical) waffle. It's a wonderful mix of flavors: You get some tanginess from the goat cheese, salt from the bacon, and sweetness from the bacon's brown sugar crust and the waffle itself, along with a nice avocado creaminess. When you manage to corral all those ingredients together into one bite, it's heavenly. (That's easier said than done, though, since the avocado's plunked in the center, and the cheese crumbles tend to roll off and onto the tray.) Also, it's a small thing, but both times the avocado has been a bit stringy; while they don't affect flavor, those little brown fibers just aren't so appetizing.

Back patio at Atypical Waffle Company
Yeah, I wasn't kidding about the tent.
"Atypical Waffle" is clearly the right name for this place (and an improvement on "Wow Wow Waffle," its previous moniker). It's the sort of spot that I won't visit very often, but I'm really glad to know exists in our city. Because after all, who doesn't need a little oddity and a tasty waffle in their lives once in a while?

Score: 7.5 out of 10 (Great)

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