Sunday, September 16, 2018


Fun fact: Tajima's carnitas ramen cures all known ailments,
but they've vowed never to make it again. Those monsters.
...Maybe I got ahead of myself. I'm Tim. I write a food blog now. It's about food, in San Diego.

Hmm? That's not enough info? Okay.

I'm a native of San Diego, married in 2017 to my lovely wife Amy. My biggest hobby is trying out new restaurants all over my city. I love Italian (pizza, pasta!), Indian (curry!), Japanese (sushi, yakitori, ramen!), Mexican (tacos!), small plates (try all the things!) and dessert (chocolate, ice cream, donuts!). I can be picky at times, but I'll eat most things if they're done well. I generally try one or two new places a week, usually for a happy hour late lunch, our weekly date night, or Sunday lunch with the family.

When I'm not eating, I'm teaching, tutoring, running, playing tennis, watching good TV, playing video games, or doing something else fun.

As for the blog, I'm tentatively planning to do a combination of quicker restaurant overviews and more in-depth reviews (e.g. my first one, Lola 55), with some other fun stuff sprinkled in. I'm gonna shoot for two posts a week on average. We'll see how it goes!

Other things! I apparently enjoy spreadsheets, because I have one called "What to Eat in San Diego," which you can find in the sidebar. It's got several hundred San Diego restaurants that I've either tried or want to try, and includes a bunch of general information, how much I want to visit (or revisit), and my rating on a 1–10 scale (which I'll also be using on this site).

Speaking of which, I've included my (admittedly vague) grading rubric in the sidebar as well. Generally I care most about the food itself, but service and other aspects do factor in. It's surprisingly hard to maintain a consistent, sensible rating system, but I try. I should also note that scores are by no means set in stone.

Anyway, I hope a few folks get some decent entertainment and/or information from my ramblings. Enjoy!

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